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How Pikazo works

Artwork is created utilizing artificial intelligence by combining a "style", or a technique with a "target" image which is the original subject matter you are wanting to paint.

The app begins processing the image by recognizing key components essential to it's recognition, like hard edges, eyes, focused features.

The processing time can take as little as 30 seconds.

At events, we mingle with booth visitors, taking their photos with an iPad. The resulting photo then submitted to our Pikazo and rendered in AI. That image is placed on a custom branded sheet and printed as a 4" x 6" print. The resulting digital file can be utilized as a follow-up by the hosts or sales staff to maximize the experience and serve as a great sales tool.

Try out the Pikazo App yourself!

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 11.07.17

Make you own AI art. You can start by simply taking a selfie, or choose a photo from your photo library. Then choose a "style" from one of our hundreds of pre-made styles and click "make art".


In a minute or two, you'll see your creation. Don't like it? Create another one. Once you get the unique work of art you love, you can enhance the resolution and order a canvas print right from the app.


Build your own, personal artwork collection and share your creations on social media, or post them to our Facebook Salon for feedback.

Let's start painting!

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